BrightAir Engineering Sdn Bhd
17, Lorong Perusahaan Sg. Lokan 3/4,
Kaw. Perusahaan Sg. Lokan,
13800 Sg. Dua, Butterworth,
Penang, Malaysia.

About Us

Our Experience Makes the Difference

BrightAir Engineering Sdn Bhd was first established by its founder with more than 15 years of experience in his belt in 2001 and over the years has developed a prime reputation for high quality products, excellent services and thorough dedication to our customers’ needs. In every field that we handle, from planning, installation, right through to up keeping and repair of critical equipment, BrightAir has established a proud and unblemished record in serving our clients with exemplary distinction.

At BrightAir Engineering Sdn Bhd our success is attributed to our uncompromising service ethics. We pride ourselves in helping our customers to realize their objectives in the shortest time possible. We work closely with our clients in designing the systems that they require, providing vital inputs with minimal variation at the lowest overall cost.

Air Quality - Bringing Advanced Control Technology to Your Air Quality Systems

BrightAir Engineering Sdn Bhd is today a recognized contractor in providing the most advanced and custom engineered equipment for environmental air quality compliance and emission monitoring instruments for a wide variety of industrial operations. Our high quality products and air quality systems enable our industrial customers to comply with the local environmental regulations.

Our state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor air pollution equipment, chemical fume scrubbers, dust collectors, smoke and odour removal are designed to require minimum maintenance and employ the latest technologies for the abatement of fumes, odours and particulates.


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