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Cyclone provides a relatively low-cost method of removing particulate matter from exhaust gas streams. Cyclone separate and remove medium to large particles of various kinds of dust, such as wood shavings, metal grinding chips and machining. Efficiency for Cyclone System depend on, particle size (particles with larger mass being subjected to greater force), force exerted on the dust particles and, time that the force is exerted on the particles. Our cyclones come in many sizes and shapes and have no moving parts. Cyclone unit can be designed with either large or narrow diameters depending on the application.

Cyclone System

Our dust collectors are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dust, which generated from a variety of manufacturing and process application. This Dust collection system can effectively capture welding smoke, fumes, dust and other airborne contaminants before they reach open work areas. We provide a compact and inexpensive solution to various dust control problems with simple maintenance and operator friendly.
Typical Industrial Application:
  • Composite dust, fiberglass dust, marble dust, plastic dust, solder and welding smoke, carbon dust, sanding dust, ceramic dust, cotton dust, dry chemicals, grinding dust, crushing dust, powders, rubber dust, wood dust, fumes, smoke & much more.
There are three commonly used dust collectors in the market. Selection of the dust collectors varying with application conditions like the dust load, temperature, moisture content, fitness of dust, presence of acid or alkaline and much more.

Portable Indoor Type

Cartridge Filter Type

Bag Filter Type

Our chemical fume scrubber systems can be individually designed to remove mist, entrained liquid particles, noxious corrosive gases and vapors from the exhaust air stream depending upon the required application. Our fume scrubber system has been designed to need minimum maintenance and it is highly efficient to meet the exacting requirements of modern industrial legislation at the lowest possible cost to the user. Selection of the fume scrubber system varying with application conditions like acid or alkaline discharge, gas load, temperature, fitness of dust, and much more. There are three commonly used scrubber system in the market.

Vertical Packed Column Scrubber

Venturi Scrubber

Horizontal Box Scrubber

BrightAir offer a full range of services ranging from the design, fabrication and commissioning to the field installation of industrial piping and insulation systems to serve the needs of a wide variety of industries.
Our complete line of fabricated pipes, fittings, valves and insulation equipment can handle a wide range of industrial applications with packages including pipe, fittings, valves, flow meters and controls.
Type of piping system includes:

  1. Chemical resistance piping system such as PVC, ABS, PP etc.
  2. Metal piping system such as steel, galvanized iron, stainless steel, copper etc.
  3. Jacketed piping system (for cooling or heating application).
  4. Gas Piping System

Metal Piping System

Gas Piping System

We supply equipment used to provide adequate ventilation for industrial and commercial facilities includes fans, blowers, material handling systems, heaters, hoods, and vents. Our air specialists design and service ventilation systems to meet needs for air circulation, exhaust, or temperature control.
  • Complete ductwork and accessories designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial ventilation applications.
  • Materials of construction selected to suit given application: Polypropylene, PVC, FRP, Glass reinforced as required, and Mild Steel/Stainless Steel.
  • Full Auto-Cad design service.
  • On Site installation.
  • Complete packages on request.
  • Pressure testing, balancing and commissioning as required.
Industrial Ventilation Applications:
Commercial Ventilation, Industrial Air Circulation, Custom-fabricated Hoods, Roof Ventilation, Spot / Man Coolers, Industrial Infra-red Heaters, Temperature Control, Industrial / Commercial Exhaust Equipment

Industrial Ventilation & Direct Exhaust System

Mechanical fabrication of structures, silo, tank etc which is custom designed towards your requirements. Various materials of construction selected to suit given applications, for example, FRP, PVC, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel etc. Complete with fabrication, accessories and onsite installation.

Mechanical Fabrication

Oil mist collectors collecting and removing oil mist and dry contaminant form the air flow path without compromising operating efficiency. Our Oil Mist Collectors are available with a variety of filter options to meet the specific source collection requirements. Depending on the needs of the application, units may be free-hanging, stationary (floor-mounted) or portable, or mounted at top the machine. Mist units are also available to collect water-based mist.
  • Remove submicron contaminants from the plant atmosphere at the source.
  • With drain out oil/mist the inside of plant will kept clean.
  • Improve the working environment to bring marked working efficiency.
  • Oil/mist produced during cutting can be recollected completely.
  • Produce great efficiency for improvement on environment, maintenance of machinery and saving energy
Typical Industrial Applications:
CNC Lathes, CNC Integrated Cutting/ Processing, Electricity-Release Processing, Gear Hobbing and Shaving, Grinding, Screw Head Pumping, Gear-Filling, Basin Cleaning, Processing of Oil/Mist Recollect and Anti-Rust, Anti-Rust Treatment of Pressing Part

Portable Oil Mist Collector

Oil Mist Collector

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of plant mechanical engineering works come with getting relevant authority approval for:
  • Oil & Gas Piping System
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Piping System
  • Natural Gas (NG) Piping System
  • Hot Water Generator System
  • Other process utilities system.

Plant Mechanical Engineering Works


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