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Vertical Packed Column Scrubber

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Vertical Packed Column Scrubber Fume Scrubber System Vertical Packed Column Scrubber Fume Scrubber System

Packed column fume scrubbers are the most important and widely used gas scrubbers. It is designed to remove most of the common gas contaminants at very high efficiencies (up to and beyond 99%) with low pressure losses and minimize space requirements.
Our Packed Column Scrubber are available in various sizes, can be specially designed or modified to fit unusual service conditions and given process. Our complete packaged system includes exhaust fan, chimney, ducting, recirculation flow system, and liquid storage for recycling. Materials of construction selected to suit given applications: Polypropylene, PVC, FRP, Glass reinforced as required, and Mild Steel/Stainless Steel.
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